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Vert ramp in Hradec Králové is finished & ready to rock yourselfs!

On March 8th 2006 We have successfully tested our long-awaited ramp in Slezském předměstí suburb!

The Ramp is located in enclosure sports facility which belongs to TJ Sokol Slezské Předměstí also known as Háječek ["Huyecheck"]. It's 100 metres from the final MHD Bus stop Cihelna on lines 3, 6, 14, 27 and 5. About 5 minutes from the city center by a car.

This vert ramp has been built fully by Infinity Skateboards riders and it alsou counts ther financial investment. Now we can proudly claim that this ramp is definitely the best ramp in Czech republic. Guaranteed! It's proportions are truly world-class. Judge yourself:

Height: 4,1 m
Radius: 3,5 m

Width of this extremely hard and fast surface is over 8 metres for now. We plan to extend it to go-easy 10 meters. Overall impression from riding it is underlined by exceptionally solid and tough construction which makes it easy for you to fly! Believe it or not - you won't find such a ramp even in Berliners' Skatenhalle!

And now a few words about participation. Anyone who has ever step on coping of a vertical ramp would understand that this business is dedicated for skilled vert-riders only. Therefore our ramp is above all dedicated for members of our club. Beside skateboarders also bikers and rollers are welcome to become members. Anyone who has not been helping us building the ramp for at least 30 hours of volunteer work is a suspect to be asked for contribute to ramp maintainance.

Here you can check out some ramp shots:

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